New Alpha Team Perks: Discord Workload Streams

We are excited to offer exclusive workload streams to Alpha Team members through Discord! These streams are ONLY on Discord, so if you’re not there, you should definitely join.  We’re also offering streams for Discord and a dedicated chatroom for our regular streams as well so you can access everything all in one place.

Workload streams for Alpha Team Members will have the sound off and occur at random times throughout the day, so any team member can pop in and see what I’m up to and watch how things work behind the scenes.

Introducing the HTH Studios Codex has been updated to replace the old & busted Wiki-System with the addition of the Codex!

This has been a long time coming, but it’s finally live! No more issues with outside wiki systems. This is our own, in-house Codex.

A HUGE shout out to The Viewer who helped immensely with transferring and fleshing out the Codex. No outside hands touch this codex all information is 100% from the source and considered cannon. 

As time goes on there will be more information and features that go into each section, this is only the beginning.