Here’s the issue with the store

It’s a MUCH bigger problem than we initially anticipated. We have to get it entirely rebuilt in order to get it to work. That’s going to require us to find a website programmer (we did this to get the current build and that lasted us roughly 5 years and cost a little under $15K — that company has gone under, so no help there.).

Rebuilding our store is NOT easy or quick, and we CAN NOT do it ourselves. Because we can still use Patreon and Subscribestar, we aren’t in a rush to get our store fixed. Primarily, because we know it’s going to cost us a LOT to get fixed. It’s more than just finding a programmer, it’s finding someone willing to work for an adult company, as well as someone who can do exactly what we need. It’s not an easy ask.

The last time, we interviewed at least 6 different companies, and of that only 3 could do what we needed, but most of the prices were way more than the company we ended up going with. We’re not in a rush to fix it because of all these issues. We will rebuild it, but it’s a low priority right now, and we’re not looking into it.

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