Red Light District – Changelog


Pre-Alpha 0.1b3

Revised and fixed hitboxes:
• Bridge
• Gang Hideouts
• Motel
• Tunnel

Repaired code on load screens causing delays
• Load times should be quicker

Repaired player motion jump lag.


Pre-Alpha 0.1b2

Price Adjustment:
• Gingers price adjusted from $20 to $50.

Load Screen Lockouts:
• Map Name Revision fixed redirect error on loading.

Updated Load Screen 4:
• Misspelled “Empire”

Mislabeled Exit Key Prompts:
• E key switched to Q key to Exit

Dialogue System interface for Anne.

Camera Controls updated for Anne.

Q button fixed for:
• Crissy
• Ginger
• Julie
Video: QKey Missing from “White Hot” Preview


Pre-Alpha 0.1b1

City Skyline
• Models
• Textures
• Lighting
• Interior Shaders

Texture Decals Added
• Trash
• Wear and Tear
• Pollution
• Burnt
• Stains
• Debris
• Damage

• Sprite Layering
• Scene Sound
• Scene Chat
• Scene Animation Overhaul

• Scene Sound
• Scene Animation Overhaul

• Scene Added: Dogg style

• Scene Added: Sideways

• Scene Background Fix
• Rig Overhaul


Pre-Alpha 0.1b

New Features
• XXX Video Interior
• Press Z to access “Senses”
• Branching Dialogue Testing
• Anne, Ari & Francesca

Core/Engine Updates
• Inventory System Code Overhaul
• Chat System Reintegration
• Junk Data Cleanup
• Developer Notes Now Update from Our Website
• Watch this page for updates and revisions


Pre-Alpha 0.1a

Interactive Characters:
Anne: Missionary
Crissy: Titty Fuck & Doggy Style
Tanya: Titty Fuck
Julie: Reverse Cowgirl
Ginger: Missionary

Additional Notes:

• ATM access is in “Easy Money” mode, the ATM system has been “unlocked” for testing of the ATM system.

• The ATM system is only for in game currency and will never require real world money purchases. Eventually money will be earned in game.

• Anne scenes contain very basic sound sets and are still in need of synchronization and additional performance

• Unfortunately, Due to numerous issues with support for Mac OS Catalina, We are Suspending Mac OS support until further notice. We are NOT planning to drop Mac Support but it has become more complicated at this time and requires further research on our part.

• MANY More Updates to come. This is only the beginning!

• Future Updates will not take NEARLY as long as this initial launch phase. Getting the base game to function is the most complex part, everything from here is building onto what already exists.

• Next Update will have sound.